Pontypool Electricians

The following page is some information on us, what we do and how we began. Our electrical services are based in the Pontypool area but we also serve, Cardiff, Newport, Cwmbran, Abergavenny, Abertillery and Monmouthshire. We have become one of the most searched for electricians in the Pontypool and Cwmbran area.

Our electrical staff are trained, certified and prepared for anything, there is no electrical job that we haven't or wont do.
Our aim is to be the top electricians in all of the areas we serve and to do this we are branching out and providing excellent customer service.

Years ago our company began with one electrician whose expertise and dedication have led to happy clients, more services electrically and customer related and more electricians being taken on, now we want to grow and further the business more so we can still provide a great service to but to more people.

When performing an electrical task at hand we make sure that everything is safe, professional and done with efficiency.