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We do this because we are honest and open and it's one more reason why we are regarded as the 'most trusted & best-loved' electricians in your region. Ok, we are going to be totally upfront and honest with you here. When you call us it is quite unlikely that we will be with you within some kind of 'bonkers' quick time frame such as 'with you in 10mins' like lots of local companies often advertise. We've likely all seen crazy claims like this advertised, no? If there is one thing that really 'cheeses people off' it's when people say they will be with you in a certain time on a certain day and they simply don't turn up.

Or they turn up later than stated and don't even bother to keep you informed. We understand what it feels like to be 'left-in-the-lurch'. So, if you want to avoid this type of 'poor' service and instead feel like you are calling people who actually care about you, then you may find the best solution is to call us now.

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