Infinity Electrical Support

In the past 20 years the way in which Electrical Contactors source their labour has changed dramatically. During this time a host of agencies have appeared. Often these agencies have little or no expertise in the Electrical Contracting industry or workplace. They often offer you operatives without knowing them or their abilities, in essence they send you a telephone number from their data base. Infinity Electrical Support (UK) has been founded by Electricians with over 35 years in the Electrical Contracting industry.

Our mission is to provide the right operative for the right job. Infinity Electrical Support (UK) provides quality labour. All our operatives are known by us; tried and trusted you might say. As well as having all the relevant qualifications and accreditations, they display a professional manor and support good "old fashioned" values such as common courtesy, common sense and integrity. Infinity Electrical Support (UK) only provides labour to Electrical Contractors.