In 1996, when Haste was a thriving appliance repair company in the South East, we noticed something unusual. One street seemed to be very good at producing work. A quick investigation showed a voltage incident had occurred, with 350 volts going in - and damaged appliances coming out. So we approached the local supply company with a plan - don't leave your customers to find repair services on their own and then make a claim (a system that left local depots overwhelmed with calls and unable to close incidents for years) but let us handle all damage.

And care for your customers. It was a success, a great success. A simple idea that has led to Haste becoming one of the most successful, and best-respected support services companies in the country. And we continue to build on that initial idea - Convinced that there are always better ways of doing things, and that the more you care for your customers, the longer they will remain your customers.