Armstrongs Of Carlisle

We are a small, family run business with no aspirations to be big; the biggest and most important piece of work we have will be yours! We aren't Jacks of All Trades, but we are definitely experts in what we do. Our tradesmen are fully qualified, certificated, registered and insured. With expert knowledge, an eye for detail and incredible integrity and work ethics - your home really couldn't be in better hands!

Technology moves at an incredible pace and our guys keep up with it. Ask us about some of the more innovative solutions available on the market at the moment, whether it be controlling the lights in your house and garden from an iPad or sending a text message to your bath whilst driving home from work to ensure it is filled to perfection, with your favourite bubble-bath in it, and music playing.

We like to see houses fit and healthy, and warm and safe but we know things go wrong and we are always here to help you.