Becoming an electrician takes some training, expertise, and knowledge. Reliable and experienced electricians are always in high demand, therefore you may be thinking about starting a career in this field. Even if you are naturally a handyman and you know how to handle electricity, you still need to go through a training course and get certified and licensed, However, today we share with you some additional details and information that no one will tell you during your training but you will be certainly happy to know.

Never Trust Your Customer

Well, we a starting pretty heavy, right? Building a trustworthy and honest connection with your customer is very important. However, more often than not customers may unintentionally provide you with misleading information about the problem not because they want to ruin your day but just because they don’t understand electricity as good as you are and they don’t have all the knowledge and understanding to share with you all important details.

The Smoke Test Is Not The Best One

The smoke test is often something electrician relies on in order to test their work and what they have done on a certain project. Unfortunately, the smoke test is not a reliable one, therefore, you are recommended to not rely on it only. Instead of relying on the smoke test, you better take your time to improve your work even further and learn how to do things safely, quickly, efficiently, properly and by preventing as much possible risks and issues that can arise.


Yes, indeed, the hourly pay for your job may seem really good. However, be aware that what matters the most in the context of how well your job is paid are your overheads. Considering aspects such as getting all materials covered and all material costs recovered, creating minimum call out charges, recovering industry standards, are all very important and will make a difference at the end of the day. Another great way to improve your cash flow is by invoicing your customers on a regular basis.

Don’t Stop Learning

It may seem to you like you have reached the point where, as you believe, you know everything about electricity and you can deal with all sorts of issues, installations, etc. You have never been that wrong. As it is in every other professional field and with anything in life really, the learning never processes never stops and there is always something new for you to learn, acquire as a skill, or simply improve. Constant learning equals gaining experience and this one is very important for every electrician.

Communication Skills Are Important

Building a successful and trustworthy electrical service company and relationship with your clients depends a lot on your professionalism and skills but another very important aspect is your communication skills. Communication is important both for managing your employees when you are running a company but also for building trust with your clients, having clients come back to you, having them recommend your company and service to other people. Therefore, make sure to always be honest with your clients and respect them.

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